Everyone’s Watching Sports Board Game – A Wagering Game That Gets Everyone Watching Sports on TV

Price: $29.95

Everyone’s Watching is a party game tied to TV Sports. Players wager on what will be shown next on TV. If the group playing doesn’t see something happen on camera, then it doesn’t count. Everyone’s Watching focuses on unique and quirky events that occur on TV during sports games and turns them into a wagering party game. Get the whole family and all your friends involved for edge-of-your seat fun everyone will love.EVERYONE PLAYS: Wacky questions that will keep everyone in the room guessing, wagering, and watching.
KEEP IT INTERESTING: Everyone’s Watching is NOT Your Typical Sports Betting Game
GET COMPETITIVE: Up to 8 players or teams can play Everyone’s Watching. The game works well for any group between 2-8.
GREAT FOR FAMILIES: Everyone’s Watching is designed for a wide-variety of ages. Players as young as 10 years will enjoy the game, as will adults from all age groups.

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