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Womens Perfume Experts Tips

Types of Scents Women’s perfumes come in different concentrations, each with a different name. The higher the concentration, the stronger and longer-lasting the scent. Aftershave/Splash – This usually contains 0 to 1% concentration and will last for up to an hour. Eau Fraiche – This usually contains 1 to 3% concentration and will last for up to... Read More »

19 Best Female Perfume in the World – Seductive, Sexy

Best Female Perfume in the WorldWe all want to smell pretty. Not only is physical attraction based on smell, but smelling good can also affect your mood, improve work performance, and even increase confidence. Say what? That’s right. A study by the Journal of Cosmetic Sciences found that fragrances increase both self-confidence and self-perceived attractiveness.... Read More »