Big Dot of Happiness Las Vegas – Casino Party Bingo Game and Bar Bingo Game Cards – 16 Count

Price: $9.99

Las Vegas – Casino Bingo is an easy prom, bachelorette or birthday party game that everyone will have fun playing. We have taken this classic party game and given it a fresh look with the Las Vegas theme. Play at home with traditional bingo rules or take out with your group and play bar bingo. Similar to gift bingo, bar bingo is played by observing your crowd and marking the space when you see a corresponding item. Las Vegas Bar Bingo is perfect for any casino party as the spaces are related to the theme. This bar bingo game includes 16 unique game cards so you will want to plan for multiple winners if you have more than 16 guests and order multiple packs.Las Vegas Party Bingo Game INCLUDES 16 – Casino bingo cards, perfect for any prom, bachelorette or birthday party gathering with friends, family or coworkers.
Las Vegas party bingo game SIZE 6.75 inches tall x 5.25 inches. The cute design and fun playing options makes these bingo game cards a must-have for any casino royale party. Prom, bachelorette or birthday Party Bingo Game comes with 16 unique playing cards. If multiple sets are ordered, there will be multiple winners.
CASINO PARTY SUPPLIES: Las Vegas bingo game is easy to play and will entertain all your guests. Play at home with traditional bingo rules or take out with your group and play bar bingo.
HOW TO PLAY BAR BINGO: Designate a Bingo Leader, give each player a bingo card and pen, and set a time limit for play. When a bingo player sees an Las Vegas with a word that matches their card, they can mark off that space and take a picture of it on their phone. Have players call or text the Bingo Leader when they have BINGO. The first person who texts the bingo leader is the winner! If there isn’t a winner before the time is up, the person with the most marked spaces wins.
MADE IN AMERICA: Las Vegas – Casino Party Bar Bingo Cards are designed and manufactured at our Wisconsin facility using materials that are Made in America. Casino Bingo Game use a No-Mess Glitter Print: Our game is designed with a printed image of glitter, eliminating glitter flake while maximizing bling effect!

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