Bellefit postnatal Corset, Medical-Grade, cesarian section Recovery & Incision Healing

postpartum belt

Is it OK to wear a waist trainer after giving birth? Bellefit postnatal Corset, Medical-Grade, cesarian section Recovery & Incision Healing

DOCTOR-RECOMMENDED FOR WEARING SHORTLY AFTER GIVING BIRTH – The Bellefit Corset is great for C-SECTION or VAGINAL BIRTH recovery. It is recommended to start wearing the Corset on the day you are discharged from the hospital. You will still see and the feel benefits & results of wearing a postpartum girdle within one year after giving birth. The Corset gives your core 360-degree compression & support to help you feel like yourself again and regain your mobility sooner.

REDUCTION IN PAIN FROM PELVIC PRESSURE & POSTPARTUM CRAMPS – As your uterus returns to its pre-pregnancy size you will experience cramping, also known as afterbirth pains. The compression from a Bellefit Corset helps you manage this pain by supporting your lower abdomen. The Corset also aids in the reduction of swelling by assisting your body to eliminate excess fluids.

TRIPLE-LAYERED FRONT & BACK SUPPORT PANELS – The Bellefit Corset is made with triple-layered reinforced front and back panels designed to target and support your core where it needs it the most. Bellefit girdles are made with microporous, hypoallergenic & breathable MEDICALTEX proprietary fabric that help protect your incision and your most sensitive areas as you heal.


CONVENIENT GROIN FLAP CAN ACCOMMODATE POSTPARTUM HEAVY FLOW PADS – The Bellefit Corset has a convenient adjustable groin flap designed to accommodate bulky postpartum heavy flow pads. The groin flap can be easily opened so you can keep your corset on while using the restroom and changing your pads.

ROWS OF ADJUSTABLE FRONT CLOSURES – The Bellefit Corset has two rows of front hook and eye closures that are separated by an inch apart so you can tighten or loosen your girdle as needed. BELLEFITFLEX technology adds flexible lateral spiral boning to help hold the girdle in place and prevent it from rolling. The lateral boning also helps to improve your posture.

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