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Got this in the mail today, and have it set up… Happy early Christmas to me! Assembly was simple, besides the small pictures, but with a little reason, they make sense. NO TOOLS NEEDED. Everything snaps in. The color is great, maybe a shade lighter than the photo. I have to say, this stroller is half the size of a traditional stroller with two seats. I have a baby in a car seat and a two year old, so 1 of the 12 positions to have kids, I use the one in the photo for now, Ill update with the other positions later. The kids love it, the 2yr old loves to jump in by herself and strap in. The secureing straps for the kids are a little squese to get to, but never the less, you shouldn’t have to adjust them much. It still is like a traditional Graco where its a one handed fold. It folds up quiet NICE! Mostly all plastic pieces, the fabric feels nice and has a little cushion for the long trips. The carrier undernieth holds a diaper bag and a little more. My 3yr old car seat fits snugly in the back seat! Feel free to ask a question in the comments and Ill reply. Another great seat from Graco.

The wife has found that the best option, for the little ones still in a car seat, to be in the front seat faceing back. She is a little on the short side and with the car seat in the back seat, it covers a little more area… Which makes me love this thing more, with 12 seating arragements, you cant go wrong, there is a position that works for everyone. If you want to watch over the kids, there is an arangement for it, or both forward to look. I had my daughter fall asleep the other day during a walk, and laying down her seat was easy and smooth. Packed it into the car and am supprised it fits, It sure does compact alot for its size.

Update: Went for a walk and steered the stroller. I found (Being 6’2″) I have to fully extend my arms so I dont kick the bottom platform. Its not really a big deal, since it is very easy to turn, even holding one handed and walking along the side. I had to put it back together after my waife took off the holder in the back and front, they click in and come out easily!

We have a single seat Graco, and I would have bought this thing sooner if it would have been available. For the price and convienence, Im thrilled!


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