Baby Mosquito Net for Stroller, Car Seat & Bassinet – Premium Infant Bug Protection for Jogger, Carrier & Pack N Play – Toddler Insect Shield Canopy & Gift Packaging

Price: $9.99

Protect Your Child and Cover Stroller and Carrier with Our Mosquito Netting! Sneaky insects are often carriers of a number of diseases, so protection from them is paramount! Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advice you not to apply any insect repellents onto your baby. We understand their concerns. The first years of a child’s life are fundamentally important. They are the foundation that shapes children’s future health. Therefore, it is extremely important to prevent baby’s from being exposed to chemicals. Do you want the best natural protection for your children? Then you’re in luck! It seems like a well-made and effective mosquito netting is exactly what you need – and we’re here to provide! Quality Lightweight Baby Mosquito Net – Easy Setup & Machine Washable We make a point of using nothing but the best materials. Our mosquito nettings are made of durable polyester and ensure a breathable and safe environment for your children. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling with a baby wagon, buggy, pram or car seat chair, this foldable white netted canopy offers your child the protection it needs. Baby mosquito net by Universal Backpackers – Your Go-To Insect Protection Solution! For Inside and Outside Use – Fits A Pack N Play Up To 50 x 26 x 30 Inch Do annoying buzzing mosquitoes ruin your baby’s good night’s rest? Well, no more! These small and portable mosquito net canopies keep insects and other vermin at bay. In addition to strollers, this fly covering net also fits a pack n play, playpen, play yard, mini crib and cot bed. Forget about itchy bites, mosquito-borne diseases, and toxic fumes – protect your baby under the safety of a canopy! Mosquiteros para bebés!MOSQUITO-BORNE DISEASES ON THE UPTICK! Use our mosquito net to prevent your baby from being infected by dangerous mosquito viruses.
EXTRA STRONG NETTING & SNUG FIT ELASTIC! Fits tightly around most common devices for babies. Perfect size: 43 x 51 inches and 256 holes/sq. inch.
NATURAL & SAFE PROTECTION FOR KIDS! Anti-bug screen for outdoor travel & indoor use. Chemical-free repellent material and excellent breathability.
BEAUTIFUL GIFT PACKAGING! The best gift for a newborn. A durable solution for boys and girls to control pesky insects.
ORDER NOW, WORRY FREE! We offer a ‘better than money back’ guarantee: if there is an issue with your product for any reason, we will refund you and send you a new one.

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